5 Spiritual Highway Signs to look out for

A lot of people look at Spirituality as though it's a new trend. For the real Spiritual people out there, here are some signs you can look out for.
5 Spiritual Highway Signs to look out for

It seems as if 'being spiritual' is becoming a trend, the cool thing to do is talk about our third eye opening, the energy we can feel or sense from a crystal, our past lives, or an ability to be telepathic. And well, it is pretty neat, but we are still human. Sometimes getting lost in what a ‘spiritual person does’ gets in the way of how we should just be ourselves. I understand that our purpose is to be the light, but if we all follow one another into the spiritual movement like sheep then nothing has really changed. The light that shines through us may come from the same source, but it’s shining through you and it’s unique to you. Yes, we are all one, but also, you are a channel. The light you emit will not exist at this time and through you today, ever again.


This is the balance between the human experience and the spiritual experience.


1) 'Spiritual Enlightenment' Is Not The End All, Be All

Attaching to enlightenment as the end goal leads to chasing, to focusing on something to be reached in the future. If we are chasing after that then we are avoiding the present moment, the very thing we go on and on about all the time. Attaining enlightenment also doesn’t need to be shoved down everyone’s throat because really, what does it even actually mean to be enlightened? If you are on a journey, feel free to share, be uniquely you, but as the Dalai Lama says, “People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road does not mean they are lost.” This took me a second to fully understand because I was so excited about the transformations my family was making, but that doesn’t mean someone else isn’t making an incredible transformation on their road. Ask for their story, you could be quite ‘enlightened’ by it.


2) Being 'Spiritual' Does Not Make You Superior

If we believe that love is at the root of our truth then it should be exuberant in all of our actions, which includes our interactions with those who might not ‘speak the same language.’ We are not better than anyone if we practice yoga or attend spiritual retreats. Just because some of us love mediation doesn’t mean that someone else doesn’t get the same benefits or experiences from praying or singing. Our truth might not be their truth and that’s perfectly fine. If something or someone isn’t ‘aligned’ with you, that’s understandable, but there is also no need to be loud about it. Feel free to state your truth, but try detaching from the person’s response or needing to change them. An argument only means someone must be right and someone must be wrong. There is also power in silence and in listening.


3) We Are Human and Experience Feelings

Just because we understand that the universe or higher power, or however we prefer to call it, gives us exactly what we need, doesn’t mean that sometimes we experience anger, sadness, fear, or whatever else, when going through daily life. Yes, I believe that where we are is where we’re supposed to be, but if something makes you sad, then cry. Our feelings keep us connected to ourselves and they help us relate to other people, especially to someone who is going through pain and doesn’t want to hear right away that ‘everything happens for a reason.’ Let yourself feel, let others feel, and be aware of your human aspects. Being human is cool too.


4) Life’s Stresses Can Still Come Up On A Spiritual Journey

Life might throw us something and we might be able to understand it on a deeper level, but it doesn’t mean everything is butterflies and unicorns. Just because we are on a ‘spiritual journey’ doesn’t mean we don’t have an ego or a shadow side. Our ego is apart of us that will come out. Acknowledging the ego and learning from it can allow for deeper healing and a continued evolution as opposed to believing that our egos are non-existent. Sometimes even the deeper we go on this journey, the louder the issues are because growing is healing and healing is growing. Embrace your wounds, your issues, and your shadows. We’re learning/’remembering.’


5) You Can Enjoy Intimacy, Material Items, and/or A Doughnut

Some people enjoy the restriction aspect of their journey as they believe in it and feel benefits from it. And I am 100% in support of that. However, if you’d rather not live off of vegetables and you enjoy eating delicacies, be it meat or a dessert, indulge! Drive your nice car, decorate your beautiful home and be intimate with your partner, please, carry on. There is no ‘spiritual diet’ or correct lifestyle. There is no need for drastic measures to get closer to some kind of destination, especially if it just isn’t for you.


Keep ‘being’ you. Tears, tantrums, and all. It’s a temporary experience, love it all, embrace it all.

Article credit: Originally from isoulscience.com

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