5 Engaging Quotes and Life Lessons From Jim Carrey

Here are a collection of quotes and life lessons we can learn from a master actor and all round good guy Jim Carrey.
5 Engaging Quotes and Life Lessons From Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is one of our favorite Actors and we also really love the Motivation and Passion he brings to his art. Here are 5 of his quotes that really move us and the lessons we can learn from each quote.


Like us, hope you will also love these quotes from Jim Carrey.


"I hope everybody could get rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know that it's not the answer"

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Lesson: Having all the money and fame in the world will never make you happy. Happiness lies in the relationships in your life. 



"You can fail at something you don't want, so you might as well take a chance doing what you love."

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Lesson: Do something you love and commit to it. Don't ever get caught doing what you wont love. 



"Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world... risk being seen in all your glory."

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Lesson: He yourself, you are the most unique person in this world so why be someone else?  


"Hurt me with the truth. But never comfort me with a lie."

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Lesson: Its better to know the truth and be hurt than to be lied to. 



"I realise now more than every that the most valuable commodity in life is the feeling you get when you give. Compassion is the currency that leads to true wealth. "

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Lesson: Compassion is the key to a better world and it starts with each one of us. 


"Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes."

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 A funny look at what woman really think of men :)

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