8 Signs you're on the right track to spiritual enlightenment

We need to awaken to what life really means. This is a journey we all take but some get closer than others. Here are some signs to see if you are on track to spiritual enlightenment.
8 Signs you're on the right track to spiritual enlightenment

An awakening is a highly rich and complex phenomenon that takes place, increasing your level of understanding and endowing wisdom.

When you experience a spiritual awakening, you are experiencing a state of enlightenment and people on this path undergo a great change within themselves.

Everyone taking the road less traveled to awakening, will experience tremendous growth.

The best definition provided for “enlightenment” is death and rebirth– a death to your former self and life to anew. A death to former ideologies and perceptions and birth to new life; a new a mind frame of reality.

An evolution of consciousness, and the ability to see and experience the world in it’s truest form of light and love. A world where everything is connected. This is the magnitude of a true paradigm shift.

Along with a new understanding and a new perception, comes great and direct spiritual implications. During moments of heightened awareness, feelings such as a sense of wholeness, oneness and euphoric bliss emerge. A true knowing that you are connected, alive and the essence of life itself.

These are just a few examples, because everyone venturing this route, will have similar experiences; yet everyone’s perception of reality is different.


However we can pinpoint the major transitions one will go through, prior, during and after an awakening.


8) You’re Asking the Right Questions

Have you ever wondered if there’s something more, something that we are missing. Something that seems illusive, you can’t quite put your finger on it but, something just isn’t right in the world.

You may be wondering why you can’t create harmony, you may be wondering why things seem to always fall apart. You may be wondering if there is something more than meets the eye.

If you are asking these questions… you are right. There is more, there is so much more and you will find the answers to all the questions you seek. Because asking the right questions, is the first step in the right direction.


7) Dissatisfaction

No matter the size of your house, your flashy car, your new clothes, the fancy meals, the exotic vacations or how much money you have in your bank account. Something is still missing. A deep dissatisfaction has begun, a void that cannot be filled. You may begin to feel depressed and not understand why. This is the beginning of your quest for spiritual fulfillment.




6) Seeing Past the Distractions

Its seems that modern life has become one big distraction. Endless amounts of entertainment used as a coping mechanism to alleviate you from dealing with your own emotional pain.

Boredom is a sure fire sign of someone who isn’t content with themselves and entertainment (as you have already figured out) will not lead you to spiritual fulfillment.

Your mind is your biggest distraction from your soul, for the mind to have the illusion of power and be in the control seat, it denies the soul


5) Connecting Back to Your Essence

Our essence is the ultimate truth of ourselves living within the design of our soul. Our essence is part of our life’s purpose. It’s the never-changing energy of consciousness of who we are and always will be. It is our personality self, that pesky little ego, that we must make friends with and manage with conscious consideration. By going within we can connect with our essence to unfold our being giving way to the great balance of our spiritual and physical self.


4) Making Heartfelt Connections

When your heart chakra begins to open, you will experience more and more meaningful connections. This opening can occur due to a catalystic experience (someone who breaks your heart completely) or someone you see and communicate with whom you feel a deep connection.

It can be a brief or extended relationship, but the relationship serves the purpose of opening your heart chakra. This chakra may also opened by meditation and other various types of practice but is seen in higher numbers by connections with others.

The opening of the heart chakra signifies the great wave of energy flooding through the meridians igniting all of the chakras to achieve an uplifting, as the universal connection unfolds.




3) Inner Child Healing

Healing our childhood’s traumas is a vital step that is required for deep healing. Because we develop most in our first years of life,  any trauma will largely impact our perception of reality and the beliefs we hold.

Just by attempting to heal old wounds we will bring about intense growth and maturity. Healing Your Inner Child is the most crucial step that will inevitably, lead to liberation of self.


2) Healing Relationships and Ending Negative Ones

When you can view your relationships from a higher perspective, you have created the ability to change your outcome.

Many people regardless of whether or not they aware they are in an unhealthy relationship, will justify their reasons for staying put and deceive themselves.

When you continually lie to yourself, it perpetuates negative growth and creates other dysfunctional habits in your life. By being true to yourself, and living your own spiritual truths, we bring positive influences into our lives.

We are in fact emotional sponges, each and every one of us, despite your best efforts to form a shell and protect yourself. Therefor creating harmonious relationships and resolving negative ones is an essential step in transcending and evolving the awakened path.


1) Finding the Right Answers

Our ability to learn is as endless as our ability to evolve.

Learning, in itself, is an evolutionary process and it is one that complies with the nature of life. Only those who are willing to learn, possess a burning desire to create their own educated perspectives. And only those who continue to keep their cup empty, will head closer towards attaining enlightenment.

Article credit: Originally from LJ Vanier

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