8 Quotes by Indian Film Star Rajinikanth that you will love.

In India, many people consider the Actor Rajinikanth as a true life hero for his strong will and his ability to remain grounded regardless of the fame, power and fortune he possesses. Here are 8 of his quotes to inspire you.
8 Quotes by Indian Film Star Rajinikanth that you will love.

Many people outside of India have probably not heard of the Actor Rajinikanth. In India (mainly South India) he is a cultural icon, renowned for his Acting style and also for his Spiritual and Philanthropy work. Many in India see him as a true life hero, as his public persona and image is of a common man, undeterred by all the wealth he possesses and the power he yields (many Political leaders try to coerce him to join various political parties due to his popularity amoungst the common man, but he prefers to keep to his roots and follow the values of a hard working, spiritual and grounded human being)


This ability to be grounded probably comes from the difficult past and upbringing he had (before fame found it's way to his door). Rajinikanth struggled as an impoverished child. He began acting in plays while working as a bus conductor (Which in India is considered a low caste job). He played small parts in various films and dramas whilst working many small jobs to support himself. After establishing himself as a lead actor in a number of commercially successful films, he began to be referred to as a "superstar" and has since continued to hold a idol status in the popular culture of South India. His mannerisms and stylised delivery of dialogue in films contribute to his mass popularity and appeal.


In 2007, he became the highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan after earning US$6.8 million for his role in a movie called "Sivaji". Rajinikanth has also appeared in the cinemas of other nations, including that of the United States. In addition to acting, he has also worked as a producer and screenwriter. Apart from his film career, he is also a philanthropist, spiritualist, and serves as an influence in Dravidian politics. 


The following are a few of his quotes that reflect his thoughts on spirituality, hard work, enlightenment and goodness.


"Meditation is the key to energy."



"I will die poor but not as a coward."



"God gives a lot of things to bad people, but he will let them fail eventually. God tests good people a lot, but he will never let them down."



"You won't get anything without hard work. What you get without hard work will never fructify."



"Where there is a creation, there should be a creator."



"Whether you have a Maruti or a BMW, the road remains the same. Whether you travel economy class or business, your destination doesn't change. Whether you have a Titan or a Rolex, the time is the same. There is nothing wrong in dreaming a luxurious life. What needs to be taken care of is not let need become greed. Because needs can always be met, but greed can never be fulfilled."



"A greedy man and an angry woman have never lived prosperously."



"I cannot be an ordinary man, move around like people do, go out eat in a restaurant or take a walk. Perhaps, this is what I have lost."



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