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"You angels can turn hate to love, change poison into medicine and replace doubt with dreams."
Vin Diesel
A lesson to learn from this...

Change the negative into positive. You have the power to do this.

"If you keep believing, the dreams that you wish will come true. (From Cinderella)"
Cartoon Characters
A lesson to learn from this...

Believe in yourself, this is the single most important step in life.

"I always felt like I was a freak when I was growing up and that there was something wrong with me because I couldn't fit in anywhere."
A lesson to learn from this...

Don't feel bad if you are not like everyone else, instead feel glad!

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."
Albert Einstein
A lesson to learn from this...

Imagination and knowledge go hand in hand.

8 Signs you're on the right track to spiritual enlightenment

Creative People Are Different, here are 10 Reason why.

"Your inner voice is the voice of divinity. To hear it, we need to be in solitude, even in crowded places."
A R Rahman
A lesson to learn from this...

Your strongest influencer has to be your inner voice.

9 Things Only Old Souls Will Understand

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